Gross: EPA power plant rule to be unveiled today at children’s hospital

Why not a special-ed class or a child’s funeral?

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson will unveil the agency’s new utility MACT rule at the National Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC today at 2pm. The rule will reduce mercury and other emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Jackson will supposedly be flanked by physicians when she makes the announcement.

Despite the maudlin setting, however, there still is not a shred of tangible or scientific evidence that mercury emissions from power plants have ever harmed anyone.

The link between mercury emissions and children’s health is an utter fabrication.

In contrast, the rule will kill many jobs, many of which support children — and therein lies the actual child impacts of the rule.

5 thoughts on “Gross: EPA power plant rule to be unveiled today at children’s hospital”

  1. To eck. As I remember it. EPA was a product of the Republican administration of President Nixon. ADA, an equally obnoxious law, was passed during the George H. W. Bush’s administration.

    The problem is more in our Universities. Doctors who passed medical school and accrediting exams say that the brass in the air values of bicycles pose a heath risk to children. The mercury nonsense is a tad more difficult to understand, but dose makes the poison should be known by doctors.

  2. Exactly Eck, if the DEMS retain power in the senate and presidency, the US is totally screwed. Greece will look like a paradise compared to the US in ten years. Cheap, US produced energy is the key to economic prosperity and survival of the middle class. CO2 is NOT a pollutant. I know of no one or have heard of anyone that is dieing or sick because of Mercury poisoning due to air pollution.

  3. OK folks, you may not like Republicans on many fronts – I don’t, but you’ve just GOT to vote Obama and the current Dem leadership out. We’ll never get the abominal Lisa Jackson and her brand of the EPA out if we don’t do it. On second thought, maybe we should get rid of the EPA – a terrible idea in the first place.

  4. I have personally filed complaints against Jackosn with the EPA inspector general, on more than one occassion. Lisa Jackson represents the very worst of government, and everyone who is a lover of liberty should be calling their congressman and contacting the EPA to complain.

  5. Until more lovers of liberty and genuine science take on EPA’s pathetic pretense of science, Lisa Jackson’s propaganda will prevail in the public square. Thank you Steve for all you do to make people aware of EPA’s myths and falsehoods.
    Kathleen Hartnett White
    Texas Public Policy Foundation

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