Greenwire: Skeptics taunt UN delegates

Na na, hey hey, kiss it good bye, alarmists.

Greenwire reports about skeptics on top in Durban:

The United States has abandoned the international effort to curb global warming and will never again consider legislation that would limit heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions, the Senate’s chief climate skeptic told the U.N. climate conference here in a brash video message today.

“The message from Washington to the U.N. delegates in South Africa this week could not be any clearer: You are being ignored,” Oklahoma Republican James Inhofe told negotiators and environmentalists in a small meeting room on the sidelines of the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP).

“And you are being ignored,” he added, “by your biggest allies in the United States — that’s President Obama and the Democratic leadership in the Senate…

Inhofe’s triumphant mood was echoed by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, the skeptic group whose members arrived here yesterday by landing on North Beach in brightly colored parachutes bearing slogans like “Climategate 2.0: Science Not Settled.”

“Climategate” is the name given to the scandal in 2009 in which emails were stolen from a British university and posted to the Internet just ahead of the Copenhagen talks. Skeptics said the emails, written by prominent climate scientists, showed researchers were colluding to manipulate data to show human activities are changing climate patterns. Subsequent independent investigations of those emails found that that was not the case.

A similar bunch of emails surfaced last month, but they appeared to be leftovers from the first event. This is the “Climategate 2.0” referred to on the parachute.

Marc Morano, a former Inhofe staffer who now maintains the skeptic blog Climate Depot, taunted the audience that former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, the only candidate for the Republican presidential nomination who had maintained that man-made climate change is occurring, has “bailed,” citing the second batch of emails.

“The only Republican you had hope for has bailed on you,” he said. “So that’s the good, cheery news I bring you.”

Now, at the risk of high school flashback:

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