GOP to take crack a light bulb ban in next session?

Promises, promises, that’s all we get.

The Daily Caller reports:

According to spokesman Sean Brown, [Rep. Joe] Barton plans to work on passing legislation that would permanently overturn the ban during the second session of Congress.

Perhaps, but the effort to repeal the light bulb ban is yet another failed effort of the Congressional GOP.

At least, Jerry Orbach understood.

One thought on “GOP to take crack a light bulb ban in next session?”

  1. Thinking over this also in relation to all the
    Budget deficit talks,
    A compromise, to get Democrats on board
    Tax buildings, cars, washing machines, TV sets, light bulbs etc on
    energy usage
    Democrats get Big Govmt income, GOP keep choice,
    tax can help fund cheaper energy saving alternatives so people not just “Hit by Taxes”, and taxes are more easy to implement, and to alter (with changing markets), and to remove, than regulations

    As described,
    better still to encourage free market competition
    – even to reduce energy wastage, whether among electricity plants or among manufacturers,
    — and because people would voluntarily buy any good energy saving products, as they always have, since that is a marketable advantage (“Expensive to buy, cheap in the long run” batteries, cleaner liquids.etc in commercials)
    New manufacturers could be helped to the market but wo market distorting subsidies (No “Solyndras”!)

    that might not get Democrats rocking…
    so wave the Govmt income lollipop too

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