Filthy Lucre: Greenpeace Rewards Executives at Expense of Rank & File

Apparently only some Greenpeace-ers worked for the love of Mother Gaia and Chairman Mao.

Richard Telofski writes,

By doubling its number of executives, these figures clearly demonstrate that Greenpeace USA may be on its way to becoming a top-heavy organization. The numbers also show that Greenpeace rewards its executives disproportionately to its own rank and file. The pay increases have by-far favored the executive suite over the regular workers.

Read Telofski’s report.

4 thoughts on “Filthy Lucre: Greenpeace Rewards Executives at Expense of Rank & File”

  1. Oh, dear, the dreaded 1% receiving favoritism over the other 99%. Lessee, where did I put that phone number to OccupyWallStreet’s tipline?

    And on a related note, Telofski’s part 5 in this series mentioned two top Greenpeace USA execs, Passacantando and Radford – both of whom came out of the Ozone Action enviro-activist group, which itself got merged into GP USA in 2000. Just click on my name above to see how I describe Ozone Action as the epicenter for the smear against skeptic climate scientists……

    How ’bout this comparison: Innocent shareholders of the Wall Street Investment banks saw their money getting thrown into ever-more worthless home mortgage securities before the crash. People’s donations to Greenpeace to save the whales are arguably being thrown into the ever-more worthless cause of global warming. In both cases, it seems the execs made out rather well.

  2. Misleading article. They state that “And not only did they increase the amount paid out in 2010 salary to all Greenpeace workers, but the organization doubled its number of executives and also elected to increase its executive compensation by 111%. Yes, that’s 111%.” Yet here in the real world, they doubled the amount of executives so of course the “Total compensation” at least doubled even if no one got a raise.

    They way my 4th grade arithmetic works, each executive in 2008 got 83,500.60. Not a shabby salary, depending on where you live, but not in the same league as Fannie Mae. In 2010 each executive got $88,163.90. Again, when I look to my 4th grade arithmetic skills that seems to be closer to about a 5.5% increase in pay.

    While I’m not a fan of Greenpeace, there’s no controversy here.

  3. I’m all for dissing the tree hugger group. We have too much environmentalism, but for 10 executives to split $880,00 dollars is not extreme. That would be about $80,000 each. Hell, nurses here in the San Francisco bay area are reputed to earn $130,000/year.

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