China rebuffs scheme to cut emissions

An excuse is made-up to cover for China’s resistance to greenhouse gas emission cuts.

The Financial Times reports,

An ambitious industry-led project to cut carbon dioxide emissions from steel plants is in danger of foundering on account of the refusal by any of China’s producers, which between them account for more than 40 per cent of world production of the metal, to join the initiative.

The failure to engage the Chinese is even more of an embarrassment for the World Steel Association, the Brussels-based trade body that set up the scheme, since its chairman is the chief executive of one of China’s biggest steelmakers…

Behind the refusal is the suspicion by many top Chinese steel officials that if they joined the scheme they might inadvertently divulge technical data that could provide useful details to rival steelmakers that could be helpful commercially.

Right. What technical data? Low Chinese wages?

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