Boxer demagogues House GOP on boiler MACT rider

So then the House GOP must be doing the right thing.

About the appropriations bill rider to block the EPA boiler MACT rule, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said,

So they have attached a poison pill, colleagues, literally — because it will kill 8,100 more people than otherwise would have been killed from pollution, and they’ve attached that to the payroll tax cut. So how’s that for a Christmas gift?

Hi, I’m your senator. Here’s a tax cut for you of about a thousand dollars. Sorry, but you might die from breathing in too much poison in the form of mercury, lead and arsenic.

The 8,100-dead body count is, of course, entirely fabricated by the EPA. No one has ever been sickened, much less has anyone died, as the result of industrial boiler emissions of mercury, lead and/or arsenic .

[h/t Politico]

6 thoughts on “Boxer demagogues House GOP on boiler MACT rider”

  1. I wrote her orifice (OK, office) to give her a piece of my mind over her stupidity on global warming (sorry, “climate change”).
    If I give her a piece of my mind every time she is wrong about science, I will be ‘out of mind’ in a matter of months.

  2. Old botox Babs will spout off on just about anything. Remember, she’s probably (evidently?) among the dumbest in the Senate.

  3. Actually, the 8,100 people gasping for breath and dying wasn’t a WAG from the EPA. It is a WEWAG on the internet attributed to the American Lung Association (Good Doctors and scientists all). After all, would we prefer that the EPA read web pages or actually do something to protect our health.

  4. If I was another Congress Critter I’d demand the study and then tear it to shreds, figuratively. I swear any time I hear ‘estimated’, ‘could’, ‘might’, and like verbage I immediately grab for my wallet as I know they going to use some faked up data to reach into my pocket again.

    Let’s assume that figure is correct. What is the opportunity cost if we DO that thing? You never seem to hear that side of things.

  5. How about a rider to kill the darn thing permanently? I have 15 boilers (really glorified hot water heaters) that burn ~2 gal/hr of fuel oil to prevent freezing in unheated generator buildings when the generators don’t run, when it is freezing, for engine and piping freeze protection, mostly in the south. The EPA didn’t put a de minimis level on the boiler size. I’m subject to the MACT. At least we don’t have to do much, but it is another compliance thingy we need to keep up with.

    Oh, well. If it weren’t for people like Boxer and the EPA, I’d have to find honest, productive work.

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