Attn: Canadian/Wester U.S. Skeptics: Upcoming Michael Mann event

Meet Climategate’s Michael Mann — and maybe ask him a question!

Climategate’s Michael Mann will be appearing at the University of Lethbridge on Dec. 5 to talk about climate science and education. Here’s the announcement.

Directions in Climate Change Education and Communication

The compelling nature of anthropogenic climate change is well documented in science literature. But the public and educators clearly lack understanding and appropriate knowledge of climate change due to legitimate confusion and deliberate obfuscation and distortion of science knowledge by interest groups and corporate entities. This town hall meeting will feature a short panel discussion of climate science communication and education, and a series of small group discussions that will conclude with short format verbal and written reports on
future directions. Panelists include Michael Mann, Richard Somerville and James Hoggan.

Location:Moscone West, Room 2005

Monday, 5 December, 1815h-1915h

James Byrne, Professor and Chair of Geography, University of Lethbridge

If anyone goes, send us a report and pictures/video!

For suggested questions, check out our Climategate 2.0 collection.

Click for a Google map.

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