Arnold Schwarzenegger’s green road back

Green is the new “last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Politico reports,

Arnold Schwarzenegger, hot off a seven-year run as California governor, went underground in May after it was revealed he had fathered a child with a household employee.
The White House, which worked with him on events like Solyndra’s factory groundbreaking in 2009, cut off contact. A “world tour” to promote green policies was derailed. Polls showed that most of the support he had left among his former constituents was gone.

But in recent weeks, Schwarzenegger has begun to return to the spotlight, making public appearances at renewable energy and climate change events, advocating for green technology and touting his energy achievements in the Golden State.

“I promise you I will be your cheerleader and carry our message around the world. I will do everything in my power to make this happen,” Schwarzenegger told the American Council On Renewable Energy on Dec. 5 in Washington, D.C. “I feel as passionate about this as I did about bodybuilding, about fitness and weight training, all those things”…

Schwarzenegger was well-known in politics, inside and outside of California, for his energy and environmental efforts, including: passing a cap on greenhouse gas emissions, fostering the solar industry and mandating that utilities have energy storage capacity for when the wind doesn’t blow.

He even converted two of his Hummers to run on biofuel and hydrogen…

Oddly (or not), Politico forgot to mention Schwarzenegger’s “Shower Nazi” inclination and his almost-daily commuting from his home in Los Angeles to his Governor’s job in Sacramento by private jet.

2 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s green road back”

  1. Is Schwarzenegger not the same guy, who not only caved in to the Marihuana dopes, to legilise the substance (a farcical trend that back-fired in the Netherlands) and also bankrupted California with his reckless support of wind-farms?. He surely is not as tough as in his film-roles, which I used to enjoy, but a true whimp, when it comes to kow-towing to the environmental zealots.
    Aussie Nos.

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