WashPost to Obama: Approve Keystone XL

The Post still doesn’t like fossil fuels, but embraces reality anyway.

About the Keystone XL pipeline that Obama is tying to kill by delaying approval:

The United States must reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, from any source, and it should encourage nations such as China to lower the carbon intensity of their economies, too. Even if that happens, though, the world will continue to use oil, with all the dirty realities that entails. Rejecting Keystone XL would not change that fact. But it would help China lock up more of the world’s oil production, cost infrastructure jobs in the United States and offend a reliable ally. More delay after three years of review is insult enough.

Read the Post editorial.

3 thoughts on “WashPost to Obama: Approve Keystone XL”

  1. Letters to Obama and his liberal minions (you know, those that are so “concerned” about creating jobs). would make far more of a difference than venting here.

  2. And since the oil is going to be drilled and shipped anyway, there’s no environmental advantage to the US not getting the oil. It just hurts the US and helps China, which is an environmental disaster.

  3. How does one respond when the premise is incorrect. We “must” not reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. That will happen when the market place decides it is time. America should develop every fossil fuel source we have at home. In time creative destruction will move our energy sources to whatever comes next.

    The rest of you should sit down and wait for the genius of capitalism to do it’s work.

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