Solyndra finally touches Browner

We’ve been waiting to spotlight the greening of prisons. Now’s our chance.

“Carol Browner can breathe easy — at least for now — that House Republicans aren’t beating down her door to hear about Solyndra,” reported Politico two weeks ago.

“At least for now” may now be over.

Politico reports tonight that,

Solyndra’s top executive strategized with the Obama administration in October 2010 as the California solar company prepared to shut down an older plant and lay off nearly 200 employees, new internal emails released Wednesday show.

CEO and President Brian Harrison flagged the company’s bad news to a top DOE loan guarantee official in an Oct. 25, 2010, email. The warning worked its way up the chain of command, ultimately reaching President Barack Obama’s top energy and climate adviser, Carol Browner…

A day later, [Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s chief of staff] sent Harrison’s email to Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ronald Klain, as well as Browner and her top deputy, Heather Zichal.

“Let me know if you want to discuss,” O’Connor wrote.

Browner’s reply — “What is the announcement?” — marks the first email message written by the former top White House official on Solyndra to be made public.

O’Connor then wrote, “Left you a [voice mail] on your cell.”

A little more than a week later, Solyndra began its implosion which culminated in its August bankruptcy filing.

Maybe Browner is completely innocent. But somebody isn’t.

So speaking of a Solyndra and “cell”, the state of Washington operates a “Sustainable Prisons Project.” Maybe someone in the Obama administration will have the chance to start one of those in a federal prison.

And while we’re on the topic of Comrade Browner, did you know that broke the story of her leadership role in Socialist International?

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