Obama effort to make school lunches ‘healthier’ fails

French fries and pizza in school lunches have been saved — for now.

The Washington Post reports,

The Obama administration’s push to limit the starchy vegetables and tomato paste served to millions of children at school each day was derailed by lawmakers this week, in effect enabling school cafeterias to continue offering pizza and french fries.

For nearly a year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been crafting a proposal aimed at providing more nutritious school lunches that include an array of fruits and vegetables. But the food industry and its allies in Congress have pushed back on the details, saying the proposal would be costly, partly because of vegetable prices.

What would be wrong with giving children a choice? Some kids don’t care for fruits and vegetables and we can’t see where denying them foods they will eat is harmful.

Read the Post story.

2 thoughts on “Obama effort to make school lunches ‘healthier’ fails”

  1. This is an old issue. In the 90’s ‘healthy lunches’ were a goal of the self rightous left. What PBO and the rest fail to consider is that for those children for whom school lunch is free, the calories that they consukme at lunch provide a major source of their daily intake. So the left prefers hungry children eating’ healthy’ food. Of course they could set up weigh in stations just outside the cafeteria…… Not unlike the state of Minnesota which recently (before the Patient Protectin Act ,AKA Obamacare) had SERIOUSLY considered a health care plan in which ‘proven and effective methods’ would be used to reduce the state obesity rate to a specified percentage of the population!

  2. I’d agree that replacing Twinkies and candy with fruits and vegetables is probably a healthy choice – but what’s wrong with potatoes and pizza?

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