NYTimes: Nuclear is the new green?

Move over wind and solar?

In an editorial entitled “The Solyndra Mess“, the New York Times writes:

… Nor have the Republicans succeeded in showing President Obama’s green energy strategy to be a flop. About 40 projects have received loans under a clean energy program authorized by Congress in 2005 and incorporated in the Obama administration’s 2009 stimulus package. Only two have failed, Solyndra and Beacon Power, a battery company in upstate New York that borrowed $39 million. These defaults represent just 1.3 percent of the $37.6 billion loan portfolio. The biggest bet to date is an $8.33 billion loan guarantee for a nuclear plant in Georgia… [Emphasis added]

Nuclear is part of Obama’s green energy strategy? Is that why he tried shut down the Yucca Mountain nuke waste storage project?

While we hope the New York Times is sincere, this is most likely a convenient and disposable assertion made in hopes of making the DOE loan program look promising — not one made to encourage nuclear power.

Read the New York Times editorial.

2 thoughts on “NYTimes: Nuclear is the new green?”

  1. Before you put nuclear power into the Green catagory any one who worked in the energy buisness can tell you the end game as we know it now has always been nuclear power. Back in the Bush era the administration came up with a plan that allowed the streamlining of nuclear plant permitting setting off over 50 new nuclear energy projects throughout the U.S. The problem has always been how do you sell it to the public in such a way the environmental crazys would not step in and shut the program down. Shutting down Yucca mountain was one salvo fired at the program the next will be to defend the Carter Administration regulations surrounding the reprocessing of nuclear fuel. Unlike the rest of the world the U.S. is the only country that does not reprocess its nuclear fuel to minimize the amount of nuclear and non nuclear material that finds its way to a storage facility. Considering one nuclear power plant produces as much energy as over 100,000 wind turbines and is a base line power source you better belive there is a lot of pressure being put on the current administration to defund the nuclear program.

  2. Shut down / abolish the DOE, DEA, FDA, EPA, TSA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, NLRB and a bunch of other Government Labor Unions..

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