New Hampshire Green GOP-ers lament EPA bashing

… or at least that what the liberal Boston Globe wants to foment.

The Globe reports,

As the Republican presidential candidates descend on New Hampshire, Rick Russman, a former GOP state senator who leads backpacking trips to the Rocky Mountains, feels “a little lost in the wilderness.”

Russman is unenthusiastic about the 2012 candidates, several of whom have denied climate change and advocated the rollback of environmental regulations.

“I’m really pretty disheartened by the lack of interest from Republican candidates on the environment, at best, and at worst the outright hostility that so many of them are showing toward the Environmental Protection Agency and the safeguards that we want for clean air and clean water,” he said…

On Thursday, Farrell Seiler, a Republican-leaning independent, and Republican Antonius Blok will host a workshop in Portsmouth, N.H., examining the impact of climate change on the Seacoast. They also will officially launch a new group, “New Hampshire Republicans for Climate”…

Seiler hopes his new group will eventually become part of a larger effort “to stem the tide of this rancorous criticism of the EPA.”

But regular Republicans — as opposed to these willing to be exploited by Democrats for political purposes — don’t oppose the environment, or even the idea of an EPA.

What they oppose is the unaccountable, overreaching Obama EPA.

Reforming EPA doesn’t mean rolling back environmental protection.

2 thoughts on “New Hampshire Green GOP-ers lament EPA bashing”

  1. Ben,

    I must disagree. I’ve always been clear that the problem is over- and abusive regulation. That opponents choose to distort what EPA critics say is just how they choose to fight these battles — that’s a very old trick. It’s like the enviros saying that any effort to rein in the EPA is tantamount to rolling back the Clean Air Act. That is, of course, false.

  2. Mr. Milloy,

    I agree with this post. However, you yourself have been at the forefront of the Kill the EPA crowd, which has alienated many potential allies by causing them to think that you support going back to the bad old days when the ship channel “smelled like money”. We need action, not sound bites, and you played right into the anti-capitalist’s hands.

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