Michael Mann = Galileo?

I dunno… did Galileo have a “trick” to “hide the decline”, too?

After Michael Mann successfully inserted himself into the battle for his e-mails between the American Tradition Institute and the University of Virginia, Chris Mooney swoons,

I called Mann the “Galileo of climate science,” and increasingly, I think this is not mere hyperbole.

Our view is more along the lines of:

Michael Mann is the Pinnochio of climate science.

Read Steve Milloy’s Washington Times column about Mann, “Tree Ring Circus”.

Read JunkScience.com’s Update on Climategate litigation: ATI v. UVA (+ Michael Mann ).

Read Mooney’s “Climate scientist Michale Mann wins a battle against deniers.

3 thoughts on “Michael Mann = Galileo?”

  1. Oh dear, Michael Mann = Galilieo? I don’t remember Galileo witholding his data or hiding the decline. I do remember him standing out against the consensus scientific view of his day, and the then Pope, Pope Algorei, sentencing him to house imprisonment for life.

    There must be a humdinger of evidence of wrongdoing in those emails the fight he’s putting up to stop them getting into the public domain.

  2. Agreed. The entire intelligentsia of his time “knew” the world was flat, man was the center of the universe, and the Church could not err. Well, at least the was the official position, designed in part to keep the masses poor and ignorant–and to keep the nobles and the Church living “high on the hog.” The consensus of the known science was used to pretty much destroy his life. I see Mr. Mann on the consensus side of this argument, and all too willing to strike down any question of his own ability and work.

  3. In 1633, the Inquisition put Galileo on trial under a charge of attacking consensus science. If Mann had been alive then, he would have been writing op-eds calling for harsher punishment.

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