Homeland Security: Global warming to cause terrorism in U.S.


Climatewire reports,

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s senior counselor warned yesterday that the consequences of a changing climate will undoubtedly affect security on American soil.

“It’s going to aggravate poverty, environmental degradation and social tensions resulting in conditions that could enable terrorist activity, violence and mass migration,” said Alice Hill, speaking on a panel on national security at the second annual GreenGov symposium.

“We just have to imagine an unstable nation with massive flooding, what that would mean for the United States if that was a nation that fostered terrorists,” she said. [Emphasis added]

6 thoughts on “Homeland Security: Global warming to cause terrorism in U.S.”

  1. The U.S. has finally reached a state of gender equality, in at least one regard. I fear / loathe the megalomaniacal Big Sis Napolitano at least as much as I ever feared / loathed the concept of an Orwellian Big Brother.

  2. It’s really bad when something like the Dept of Homeland Security looks like a bunch of political hacks. Mr Rust is absolutely right saying that using corn for fuel causes much more sever problems forcing higher food prices across the world. The climate is always changing and it is not because of us. We are becoming like the ancients where they sacrificed virgins to the Gods so the rains will come. I’ll bet they had their form of public education also.

  3. Generally speaking, when the sun goes down, crime goes up. You can use any excuse in the book (this GW excuse is so ridiculous though) to fit any scenario to make things look bad. Napolitano is a joke, IMO.

  4. Liberal policies are 1000-1 million times more likely to cause these conditions than “globalwarmingclimatechangeclimatedisruption”. And there is zero possibility that Hill’s prediction is any more likely than mine.

  5. Undoubtedly climate change may cause problems with our security. However, it has nothing to do with increased atmospheric carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels causing increased global warming. The problem is our government’s, and the rest of the world’s, responses by increasing global poverty by curtailing fossil fuel use. Another important factor is causing food shortages by foolish programs to produce transportatioangen fuels such as ethanol from food crops like corn. The U. S. in 2011 will consume 44 percent of our world’s leading corn crop, 5.5 billion bushels, on the fool’s errand of making ethanol. On top of this, at least 0.5 billion bushels of soybeans is wasted on biofuels. Many other countries are also making food fuels.

    This enormous loss of food has caused increased food costs and shortages. There has been papers published that food shortages may have been the cause of the Arab Spring because so many people in North Africa and Middle East are barely subsisting because food is so expensive that rebellion presented no risk.

    Will sanity ever come to the U. S. government that is so obsessed with stopping the use of fossil fuels that it is causing destruction of our economy and dangerous rebellions in poor countries?

    James H. Rust

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