5 thoughts on “Green Cuisine: Bug-eating”

  1. Can you say “too much time on someone’s hands?” I wonder if David Gracer received a government grant to study this life changing question?

  2. gene – we’ve eschewed the CONSCIOUS eating of insects – we still get our pieces and parts as required by the FDA.

    However, when protein is abundant, go for the tasty animals first! 😉

  3. Insects have been common fodder for mankind for millennium. Modern Western culture has rejected insects as a popular food item.

  4. Did I hear the lyrics of the rap correctly? I thought I heard mother f** in there.

    But, he’s talking about eating animals, digestive tract and all, of animals that are known to carry parasites. His article did not stress the importance of cooking the bugs to kill the tape worms.

    And to compare this to eating the meat only (no digestive tract) of lobsters and shrimp is ridiculous.

    Eating beef means snuffing the life of ONE animal to feed many. Eating insects means snuffing MANY animals to feed one.

    He justified following this regimen to prepare for the end of the world. Do we really have to practice being miserable?

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