Global warming to impede cancer cure

Listen to the penguins tell you about it.

A new documentary is coming out called, “Crabnet Antarctica: The Search for Invading Crab.”

It seems that global warming is causing the king crab to move onto Antarctic shelf where they will eat all the sponges, starfish and octopi, there by disrupting the Antarctic food chain so that the penguins starve.

But the penguins say that it’s not just about them:

Scientists have discovered that the unique plants and animals that live on the Antarctic shelf secrete substances that could fight cancer and other diseases in humans. Those would be lost too if the king crab makes it onto the shelf.

But if the direct $90 billion federal effort in the “War on Cancer” has failed, we’re kinda skeptical of a $100 trillion dollar indirect effort to cure cancer by averting a hypothetical 1o C atmospheric warming which will have an unknown effect on ocean temperatures and the king crab.

The lead penguin goes onto say:

I’m not a scientist so I don’t understand why the water is getting warmer, but if there’s anything you can fo to keep the king crab away, we would appreciate that very much.

Would this help?

4 thoughts on “Global warming to impede cancer cure”

  1. Yep, they’re at the temperatur of the maximum density of water, 24F, adjusted for salinity.

    Come on, this is beyond stupid. The ocean bottom is a constant temperature. Why do people insist on putting up utter nonsense about this stuff?

  2. There are king crab’s of various varieties all over the world. Not much written about Neolithodes yaldwini that can be quickly found on the internet. World Registry of Marine Species lists its habitat as the antarctic and Ross Seas. Other hits are the same “major impact on biodiversity due to global warming” stuff. Sounds more like they’ve found a king crab that isn’t fished for food in its normal range, but since it’s not the one you get at the local fish eatery, we don’t know much about it. Therefore it is bound to be bad. So, where did this buggers range when in warmed before man controlled all that?

  3. I would think that the waters in bothe the southern and arctic oceans are about the same temperature — just above freezing.

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