FERC says Marcellus pipeline safe; Enviros steamed

Not an energy project goes forward without enviro opposition.

Greenwire reports,

Federal regulators today said a proposed Marcellus Shale natural gas pipeline in Pennsylvania and New Jersey that has drawn the ire of environmentalist groups wouldn’t significantly affect the environment…

But environmental groups opposing the pipeline want FERC to conduct a more in-depth environmental impact statement and review the cumulative effects of developing the Marcellus Shale.

The New Jersey Sierra Club, Earthjustice and a host of other groups also had urged FERC last week to reach out to local residents affected by the project, saying it will affect a significant amount of preserved land and waters held in the public trust, including the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, the Middle Delaware Scenic and Recreational River and three state parks in New Jersey.

“About fifty percent of the project route in New Jersey is located on public lands,” the groups said in a letter to FERC last Monday. “A public hearing is merited due to the significant controversy created by the project having such a substantial impact on public lands.”

The enviros don’t want a “more in-depth environmental impact statement” — they want the pipeline project killed.

Click for the FERC report.

3 thoughts on “FERC says Marcellus pipeline safe; Enviros steamed”

  1. I think we need to properly call all of the ‘Enviromental Groups’ what they really are: No Growth Advocates.

  2. Progressives are making progress towards a green, carbon neutral, non-industrial society.
    We tried that once before – it was called the dark ages!


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