EPA-loving RINO: Sen. Lamar Alexander

Lamar Alexander says he won’t vote to overturn EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.

Politico reports,

Citing support for EPA’s goals, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) told POLITICO on Thursday that he won’t support Paul’s bid to halt EPA’s Cross State-Air Pollution rule, which forces cuts in soot- and smog-forming pollution from power plants in the Eastern United States.

“I think the rule is reasonable,” Alexander said, adding that he was working on legislation to slow down EPA’s timelines for cleaning up emissions. “I think the implementation schedule is unreasonable.”

Paul said he’s “99 percent” sure he’ll get a vote Tuesday or Wednesday to stop the EPA via the Congressional Review Act.

Your move, Tennessee tea partiers.

3 thoughts on “EPA-loving RINO: Sen. Lamar Alexander”

  1. Not only is my senator a classic RINO, he also subscribes to Keynesian economics thinking that 100 new nuclear reactors will “stimulate” the economy. He will leverage any political ploy in order to make his plan come true. First it was CAT and the farce of CAGW. Coalition members of the Tennessee Tea Party met with Alexander’s Agricultural and Science Advisor (still in engineering school). After those meetings Alexander finally stopped his CAGW hyperventilating (at least in public). So, now he is leveraging CSAPR. He has taken a page out of Rahm’s playbook: never let a crisis go to waste.

    There is no talking sensibly with this man. He is in the tank for nukes. I believe he has something on the side going with that industry. Our hope is that he will retire after this term. If not, hopefully a Tea Party candidate will emerge to finally rid us of Alexander. Van Irion, are you listening?

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