Despite confession, Gingrich still confused

Newt may be sorry be did an alarmist TV ad with Nancy Pelosi, but he’s still not out of the green woods yet.

Following his confession on Fox News last night, Gingrich “described a book he co-authored, titled “A Contract with the Earth“, in which he said outlined ‘a pro-market, pro-entrepreneur, innovative environmentalism,'” reports The Daily Caller.

Steve Milloy reviewed Gingrich’s book in a January 2008 column, “Newt Gingrich Out-Greens Al Gore“:

While the book’s theme — i.e., let’s all just happily pitch in and do what it takes to save the environment — may sound reasonable, at least on a superficial basis, Mr. Gingrich’s notions are often wrong or simply bizarre, and his prescriptions amount to little more than a full embrace of rent-seeking “green” business and left-leaning eco-activist groups, both of which often masquerade as “protectors” of the environment.

Gingrich even seemed to tacitly approve John Muir’s idea of using the military to enforce environmental laws.

If Gingrich still thinks A Contract with the Earth is a good book, then he’s still got a lot to learn about the green agenda.

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