Climategate 2.0: Phil Jones complains about omnipresent deniers

Deniers, deniers everywhere — but it doesn’t make Phil Jones think.

From the Climategate 2.0 collection, Phil Jones complains about deniers being everywhere — but he never stops to think that maybe he’s the real denier:

cc: “Timothy L. Grove”
date: Mon Sep 7 10:13:11 2009
from: Phil Jones

subject: Re: AGU and Dr. P. Jones (fwd)
to: Alan Robock
Tim, Alan,
I said I would send a brief reply when I got back. Alan is right to ignore these sorts
of letters. I’m afraid I have become less responsive to the public over the years, but
this has been as a result of continuous defamatory remarks on a number of blog sites. I
have tried in the past discussing via email with a few of these people, but it is just a
time wasting exercise. Many of the papers I’d been sending them have been published
in JGR and one in Reviews of Geophysics.

I recall giving lectures in the past when there would be one person who would
disagree with something or all I said in an invited talk. The internet has allowed all these people
to find one another unfortunately. Some of the emails are quite spiteful, but as yet not as bad as some of the things that have
been said ot written about Ben Santer and Mike Mann.

In the UK the head of the Natural Environment Research Council tried engaging with
these people a couple of years ago, but gave up as it was just the deniers that
If you look at the Nature site, that Olive Heffernan set up, after the piece about a month
ago, almost all of the responders were deniers.

I’ve given up trying to engage them. I know I should persevere, but I just don’t have
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the time.


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