Climategate 2.0: Catholicism an ‘extreme’ religion?

And the Church of Climatology isn’t?

From the Climategate 2.0 collection, alarmist Tom Wigley tries painting Vatican climate consultant as a religious zealot:

I heard that Zichichi has links with the Vatican. A number of other greenhouse skeptics have extreme religious views.

Read Climategate 2.0.

6 thoughts on “Climategate 2.0: Catholicism an ‘extreme’ religion?”

  1. Sorry, but is clear that Pope has changed your opinion about global warming in the last four years. Before was a hoax. Now, is a threat. But, notice that few time ago the catolic church was under heavy denounces about pedophilie. Now, not any more. The denounces (broked in netherlands, germany, UK and USA) has vanished! No more a word about. Was an agreement ?

  2. Mack: I suggest you really read the Caritas in Veritate encyclical and if you do please pray the Holy Spirit for the light of faith by surrendering to God your light of reason for I find that many people pass judgement based on personal bias and inherited bigotry void of context.
    I’ve found by experience that a major cause of division, there are over 30,000 denominations, is insistence on personal interpretation without recourse to prayer, meditation and a very narrow reading focus leaving out most of the Bible. To this day I have watched many people with a Bible sit down open the Bible and start reading and no hint of prayer beforehand let alone reflection afterwards. It is also possible that you’re referring to some other document written by someone at the Vatican that was released recently without approval that got the writer in trouble.

  3. Mr Mack must have been asleep the last 100 years during which the Catholic Church consistently opposed Marxism. Amazing that anyone could have missed Pope John Paul’s actions in bringing down the Iron Curtain. C’est le vie say the red folks. Please do continue to share your genius Mack!

  4. The Vatican benefits from the scam … “man made global warming” will require world taxes and world government to “fix” … Vatican is demand such a soviet-socialist world government … and of course they want to lead the new ecumenical world religion. Read the recent Caritas encyclical.

  5. It goes along with his other Marxist, anti-Christian epithets. Communists and socialists still hate religion, and will do everything to ridicule it.

  6. Here’s an extreme religious view: God Created the climate we are enjoying,, who the Hell are you, tommy boy, to think man is even Close to capable of making drastic changes to it!?!

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