31 Iowa ‘scientists’ challenge Perry on climate

So Perry should point to the (at least) 31,000 on his side.

The Houston Chronicle reports,

A group of scientists in the nation’s first caucus state urged Republican presidential hopefuls today to acknowledge man-made global warming as real and to present policy solutions.

In a statement signed by 31 scientists from 22 different colleges and universities in Iowa, they affirm global warming as real and caused by humans, as well as pointing to its harmful effects on the Hawkeye State’s agricultural sector.

“As the global climate continues to evolve, our farmers and city planners will face new challenges to maintain the prosperity of our state and its role in national and global food security,” they write. “All major scientific societies and the US National Academy of Science have affirmed that the recent rise in greenhouse gases in the global atmosphere has contributed to changes in our climate.”

The statement will be delivered to Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s office today and will be available for participants at an energy forum in Des Moines tomorrow…

In the silly game of petitions, Perry should counter with the Petition Project that lists more than 31,000 American scientists who think global warming alarmism is junk science.

3 thoughts on “31 Iowa ‘scientists’ challenge Perry on climate”

  1. I thought I read on WUWT some time ago, that corn absorbs CO2 so fast, that you can barely measure any above the field. The person making the statement believed the the sensor was only able to measure what was left over from the investigator’s breath.

  2. What are Democrats doing in a Republican Caucus. Not one of those 31 has ever voted Republican or will in spite of any responses from Republican candidates. Throw the blighters out.

    Iowa is an agriculture state and one of our biggest corn growing states. I suggest the agriculture schools could show that crop yields have increased substantially the past 50 years in line with the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide–the best, free airbourne fertilizer on earth. Somebody awaken the Republicans. If they follow Obama piper, they will get beat.

    James Rust

  3. My deepest, darkest fear is that if the other contender from Mass is elected, he might actually agree with the 31, and worse; put your money where his mouth is/was circa 2004 come late January 2013.

    As for me and the rest of the antipodeans, our fears are fully realised courtesy of Madam 29% (a.k.a Juliar) and the world’s biggest carbon tax of $23.00 per tonne and a projected Au$50,000,000,000 annual ripoff by 2050

    Elmer wasn’t kidding with the “Be afwaid, be wery afwaid” refrain

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