2nd Volt catches fire

Chevy Volts must be really HOT!

The Associated Press reports,

Federal officials say they are investigating the safety of lithium-ion battery in General Motors Co.’s Chevrolet Volt after a second battery fire following crash-testing of the electric car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Friday that three Volt battery packs were crash-tested last week. In one instance, the battery caught fire afterward, and in another the battery emitted smoke and sparks.

Last May, a fire erupted in the battery of a Chevy Volt that had been damaged during a government crash test three weeks earlier. Last week’s tests were an attempt to replicate the May fire.

NHTSA has opened a formal safety defect investigation of the batteries.

General Motors officials said previously that government officials didn’t follow the carmaker’s protocols for storing post-crash batteries.

Volts aren’t so “green either.

Read the Associated Press report.

6 thoughts on “2nd Volt catches fire”

  1. Now NHSTA is trying to scare people about car batteries after crashes. This after the Toyota fiasco last year calls for the elimination of NHSTA and the disbanding of the dimwitted Naderites employed therein.

  2. This must surely be a case for Ralph Nader that well known auto expert?! He managed to kill off another Chev some years ago!!

  3. The Volt will be considered a dinosaur compared to future alternatives. However, I still hope the government stays out of the car business instead of screwing up everything it gets into, especially health care. This is a great website!!

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