2010 is 10th warmest year according to Climategate scientists

“However, only last week researchers at UAE were criticised for colluding with politicians to ‘massage’ evidence of man-made climate change after 5,000 emails were leaked online.”

The Daily Mail reports

This year is set to be the 10th warmest on record, say meteorologists.

Climate researchers in the UK said that temperatures in 2011 were nearing the top of records dating back to 1850.

This despite a ‘strong and persistent’ La Nina weather system in the Pacific – an effect which should lead to lower temperatures across the world.

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) released the figures based on three sets of independent data, including a joint one from the University of East Anglia (UAE) – currently mired in controversy – and the Met Office, at a climate change conference in Durban this week.

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4 thoughts on “2010 is 10th warmest year according to Climategate scientists”

  1. Stan B, thanks for the chuckle. You’re right of course. All inconvenient data must be steamrollered into compliance.

    What I love is the one where they peppered the US MIdwest data with a few 500 degree readings to up the regional average. They stuck these little ‘adjustments’ into towns out the the middle of nowhere so no one would think to look over those data entries. A wonderful fellow (I am afraid I didn’t save the article) scanned the ENTIRE raw data set and lo and behold these anommolies popped up. The response was an, “Awww, shucks..” and some hyperbole about having to normalize the overall dataset – read: cook the books.

  2. The 1930s were “adjusted” because the numbers kept causing doubt in the minds of the general population. GISS had to “fix” some problems with the data, and low and behold, as usual, those pesky problems went away. Now, go back to your kool-aid!

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