White-guy-skepticism like 'Jewish physics'?

Are climate alarmists following in the footsteps of 1905 Nobel laureate and chief Nazi physicist Philipp Lenard?

Readers will remember that in July climate alarmists tried to advance the notion that conservative, white guys are to blame for climate skepticism.

Cool dudes: The denial of climate change among conservative white males in the United States” was first published online, and now it’s in print — so it must be true and the trade publication Climatewire gave the whacky paper another run this morning:

When it comes to climate change denial, not all human beings are created equal. As a recent study shows, conservative white males are less likely to believe in climate change.

“It’s not surprising,” said Aaron McCright, sociology professor at Michigan State University, who is a white male himself. But anecdotal evidence is not scientific, he said. “You really don’t know what’s going on until you crunch the numbers and find out.”

Besides the trend amongst skeptics, the study also found that conservative white men who self-report a high understanding of global warming — dubbed “confident” conservative males — are even more likely to express climate change denial.

McCright’s study, “Cool dudes: The denial of climate change among conservative white males in the United States,” was published online in July and printed in the October 2011 issue of Global Environmental Change, which ranks first out of 77 journals on environmental studies.

When researchers ‘crunch the numbers’ for climate change denial, people like him keep showing up.

The study has created somewhat of a buzz, said Riley Dunlap, co-author and professor of sociology at Oklahoma State University. The paper was well received in academic circles, but he admitted he was concerned about a backlash from the conservative movement. While there have not been any major outcries, the study appears to have raised a few temperatures in Chicago.

Here’s the Chicago blowback:

“This paper is a transparent effort to take the focus off the actual scientific debate and instead engage in race bating, class bating and other sociological devices to win a science argument,” said James Taylor, senior fellow for environment policy at the Chicago-based Heartland Institute.

Back to Philipp Lenard. As explained at Wikipedia:

Lenard is remembered today as a strong German nationalist who despised English physics, which he considered as having stolen their ideas from Germany. He joined the National Socialist Party before it became politically necessary or popular to do so. During the Nazi regime, he was the outspoken proponent of the idea that Germany should rely on “Deutsche Physik” and ignore what he considered the fallacious and deliberately misleading ideas of “Jewish physics”, by which he meant chiefly the theories of Albert Einstein, including “the Jewish fraud” of relativity. An advisor to Adolf Hitler, Lenard became Chief of Aryan physics under the Nazis.

That there’s been no significant warming over the past 15 years despite an 8 percent increase in atmospheric levels, is not racism — it’s a fact.

That climate models fail to predict global climate change is not conservative political dogma — it’s a fact.

And “conservative-white-guy-climatology” is an attempt to disparage those facts.

Philipp Lenard, of "Jewish physics" notoriety
Michigan State's Aaron McCright of "white-guy-skepticism" notoriety

5 thoughts on “White-guy-skepticism like 'Jewish physics'?”

  1. Mr. Rust, While you are entitled to your opinion and you are welcome to ignore those who differ with you, if you promote threats to those who deny global warming, you are breaking the law and are subject to prosecution.

  2. News Flash: Rain is Wet!

    There is nothing particularly surprising about this. White males tend to be conservatives and conservatives are skeptical of AGW because of the radical implications of the solutions proposed to address it.

    The thing about AGW is that it isn’t a scientific debate and has not been one for a long time. It is a political debate that features questions of consumerism and global wealth redistribution, as well as corporate welfare and academic trough swilling. Conservatives tend to fall on one side of that political debate while the left – populated with visible minorities and women – take the other side.

    Nothing to see here, let’s move along.

  3. I wrote a paper circulated on the internet “Aryan Physics Revisited–A Comparison Between Today’s Climate Debate and 1920-30 German Physics”. Phillip Lenard was mentioned in the paper. Nothing has changed my mind in the last two years. Those who doubt CAGW are to be ignored and threatened.

    James Rust

  4. Prior to WW2, the Nazis did an amazing amount of global anthropological work they said “proved” that white males were far more intelligent than all the other peoples of the world. Keeping that in mind, it logically follows from this moronic wellspring that climate change must be nonsense because those who they allege are advocating this are, by all the “historical evidence”, the most intelligent beings on this planet. In plain language, this astounding paper invalidates climate change theory because white males say so, and they are, by prior accounts, the smartest people in the world. In my opinion, the authors are in dire need of vocational rehabilitation. What next from the reservoir of academic proclamation by the color of a degree?

    Who dreams up all this nonsense? This is not even good science fiction.

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