Rethinking climate change as a security threat

“Once upon a time climate change was a strictly environment and development issue. Today it has become a matter of national and international security. Efforts to link climate change with violent conflict may not be based on solid evidence, but they have certainly captured the attention of governments,” says the International Institute for Environment and Development.

From the IIED commentary:

The truth is that there are, as yet, no concrete examples of violent conflicts induced by climate change, and a limited understanding of what the future holds. Take the example of water wars: many researchers argue that it is not climate change that is to blame, but rather it is issues such as poor governance of water resources that are the driving factor behind such conflicts.

BTW, the IIED advocates adaptation to climate change as opposed to the shutting down of the global economy.

Click here for the full IIED commentary.

6 thoughts on “Rethinking climate change as a security threat”

  1. The ‘security threat ‘ posed by ‘climate change’ is as imaginary as its cause. Any government that believes its security is threatened by climate change has no real security to start with.
    There is, and always has been, only one security threat to any state – organized groups of people who are willing to use extreme violence against other people to satisfy their desires.
    This holds for barbarians, enemy armies, or terrorists.
    Sun Tzu understood how to deal with these people.

  2. I think the Al Gore issue is more relevant than the 20,000 Ugandans tossed off their properties. Losing my land is a freedom issue not rain, drought, snow, or even sunshine. It is call tyranny of government.

  3. Climate change was deemed a security threat as far back as 1974. Nothing new under the sun…apart from the small detail it was cooling the CIA was worried about then.

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