Report: Sea levels will continue to rise for 500 years

In the year 2525… If man is still alive… If woman can survive… They may find…

… that sea level has risen 18 feet — or at least that what researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute say.

Click for the study’s media release.

Here’s your Zager & Evans flashback:

10 thoughts on “Report: Sea levels will continue to rise for 500 years”

  1. “For the two more realistic scenarios, calculated based on the emissions and pollution stabilizing, the results show that there will be a sea level rise of about 75 cm and that by the year 2500 the sea will have risen by 2 meters”.
    Gosh that’s about 2.5 mm per year.
    So most likely nothing unusual will happen.
    Who’d have guessed it?

  2. acetech : The way they explain it, errors don’t compound in long range simulations, they “even out,” so that the longer term the prediction, the more “scientific” it is…yeah, that’s the ticket! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go home to my wife…..Morgan Fairchild….

  3. Can’t get the weather right so what’s the evidence they can get climate right. Can’t even get the predict climate a year in advance right.

  4. My response to this study is so what. In the past 12,000 years sea level has risen 400 feet and I have seen no reference to human’s suffering over this event.

    If you look at past history for maybe six thousand years, we have 500 years of a prosperous, warm climate followed by about 500 years of a cold, miserable climate. We currently are about 150 years into the warm period called the Current Warming Period. By about 2350 we will be intering a new Little Ice Age and the oceans will be contracting due to the buildup of ice in glaciers and ice caps. Be happy we and our children are living in this period.

    James Rust

  5. It is odd that if many believed the “Al Gore Gang” and their fear mongering, then coastal/beachfront properties should have been been dropping in value like the supposed decreasing Polar Ice Caps. Hmmm…???

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