6 thoughts on “Obama: GOP wants 'dirtier air, dirtier water'”

  1. Stop Saying that Houston is one of the most polluted cities in the country. I’m tired of posting this link!

    Houston is in compliance with all NAAQS aside from ozone, and if Bush hadn’t reduced the limit, we would have been in compliance with that since 2009. We have less pollution than Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, or DC. All of those are out of compliance for two or more pollutants.

    The oil companies have reduced out emissions. It’s the other industries that need to get with the program.

  2. Standard ploy in rhetoric – take your opponents words completely out of context, twist them, and demonize the ‘straw man’ you create.
    This only proves that the POTUS is just another hack partisan, no more interested in ‘unifying’ than he is in anything EXCEPT getting re-elected.

  3. The climate crazies will always say that the climate is in danger.

    They have religiously espoused the theory that no matter how hard we have tried for the past forty years, the Air and Water is no cleaner than it was the day we started in earnest on the First Earth Day in 1970. They say we must work harder, to no avail.

    The truth? It is studiously avoided. There are only two metropolitan areas left in the USA that still have endemic Air pollution. Even those two metropolitan areas of Houston and its Refineries, and Los Angeles with it accident of geography and air inversions, the Air is much, much, better than it was and nearing being Clean.

    If we measured by the Air Quality standards in effect on the First Earth Day, not the tougher ones of today, even these two metro areas would be decreed to have Clean Air. The Air across all the USA would be deemed Clean then.

    Our Waters are now already Clean. There are no more burning rivers, nor any serving as open sewers. They all have been cleaned up. Does that mean that the water is pure? Of course not,. but it never was. It is at least as good, however, as it was when Europeans first landed here, some five hundred years ago.

    You can’t de-mobilize and cease spending money on the War on Pollution until we have won, any more than we could the day before D-Day in Normandy. But we did demobilize in 1946, and saved the “Peace Dividend” IT IS is the equivalent of 1946 post WW II now, and we can save monies de-mobilizing the EPA, DOE, and assorted other agencies, geared up to wage war on the environment.

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