New green hypocrisy: 'Personal eco-concierges'

Greenwashing for the rich is pretty funny.

The New York Times reports in “Personal Eco-Concierges Ease Transition to Green“:

They will run your errands by bicycle, recommend a spa that gives vegan manicures or buy organic clothes for you and your dog. They will even book you a dream vacation and buy the appropriate carbon offsets.

So what type of person would hire a personal eco-concierge? One concierge tells the Times:

“I’m currently on the way to a client with three homes, one of them a 10,000-square-foot beach house,” she said in an interview from her car. “I’m changing all the pesticides and cleaning products, changing all the light bulbs, setting up systems and manuals for the staff.”

The client and concierge apparently lack an irony gland.

3 thoughts on “New green hypocrisy: 'Personal eco-concierges'”

  1. If you are looking at a simple pollution standpoint, this could have some points, such as changing cleaning products and pesticides, or changing out appliances, fixtures, or sprinkler systems to reduce waste of power and water, but nothing that couldn’t be done with a few minute’s research on Google.

    However, the implementation is positively ridiculous.

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