Exelon CEO proud of being named the 'Carbon Bandit'

John Rowe boasts to the Wall Street Journal about earning the “Carbon Bandit” bobblehead from Junkcience.com.

JunkScience.com readers will remember our “Carbon Criminal” campaign that was denounced on the Senate floor by Barbara Boxer.

We also awarded Exelon CEO John Rowe a bobblehead of himself that he mentioned in the WSJ‘s Weekend Interview:

“We’re the biggest nuclear power plant operator and we are by far the biggest company that actually sells all of its generation in competitive markets. And we are almost the last real champion of competitive markets in the utility industry,” says Mr. Rowe, who has run one power company or another since 1984. “I am the old man of the industry,” he says, and he plans to retire soon.

And I was the carbon bandit,” Mr. Rowe continues, with his matter-of-fact, seen-it-all candor. “I was the champion of climate regulation in the utility industry, and we are the people who back EPA regulation.” [Emphasis added]

We’re proud to be merit mention in John Rowe’s career achievements.

Click for the “Carbon Bandit” story with photos of the bobblehead and its presentation to Rowe at a Senate hearing.

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