Even Obama worried about UN climate kleptocracy

Even the One World-ers don’t trust each other.

At last year’s IPCC meeting in Cancun, nations agreed to set up a Green Climate Fund so that money — as much as $100 billion by 2020 — could be redistributed from wealthy to poor nations.

But negotiations over how the Green Climate Fund would operate have snagged right before the next IPCC confab in Durban, South Africa.

According to Climatewire:

Diplomatic talks to develop a multibillion-dollar global climate change fund hit a brick wall this week, and international leaders are blaming the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The implosion came late Tuesday when the United States and Saudi Arabia, for different reasons, refused to accept a draft blueprint for how the Green Climate Fund might operate. The tense meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, ended with frustrated diplomats beseeching the United States to sign off on the draft and prevent seven months of work from unraveling…

U.S. Treasury Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment and Energy Gilbert Metcalf said in Cape Town that the United States had concerns about several provisions, including the close relationship between the fund and the U.N. climate regime. [Emphasis added]

No doubt some pro forma language will eventually paper over the Obama administration’s apparent concerns. As pointed out by a spokesman from the World Resources Institute:

The U.S. cares about the Green Climate Fund. I don’t think they can afford to be named as the country that has blocked the adoption of the instrument at the end of the day in Durban.

4 thoughts on “Even Obama worried about UN climate kleptocracy”

  1. We need more CO2 in the atoms…!
    So let’s promote a UN that believes in this, drops the IPCC, and
    gets with the program…!

  2. Why has none of this information hit the main strean media. The American public has no idea that their hard earned money is being proposed to go down this rat hole. As the only wealthy developed country left in the world, the U. S. will be expected to provide a quarter or more of this money.

    I suspect a lot of this money will be spent by developing world bureacrats getting handouts for China’s wind turbines and solar panels

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