Eugene Robinson debunks himself

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson debunks himself — and Richard Muller.

In his column today, “The scientific finding that settles the climate-change debate,” Robinson supposes that Richard Muller’s new study has finally debunked the skeptics:

In other words, the deniers’ claims about the alleged sloppiness or fraudulence of climate science are wrong. Muller’s team, the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, rigorously explored the specific objections raised by skeptics — and found them groundless.

But Robinson later acknowledges:

It is true that Muller made no attempt to ascertain “how much of the warming is due to humans.”

And that is the skeptics primary argument. As Muller, who never was a skeptic anyway, failed to even examine our primary argument, it remains intact.

4 thoughts on “Eugene Robinson debunks himself”

  1. cpmodello: have you ever seen what a swarm of locusts can do to the environment? Human’s aren’t the only species that can do damage.

    The more important point is that the BEST papers that the clearly establish the fact that the global temperature dataset is imprecise, noisy, unreliable,and not up to the task of proving anything about the effects of CO2 on the atmosphere. At best it shows a small degree of warming over a century and a half. At worst is shows that the pro AGW group mistook a small, natural blip in the data an imagined effect.

  2. thinking humans have no negative effect on the earth and all living being residing here, just means you watch FOX and believe they are a respectable “news” outlet.

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