Name that asthmatic

HHS’ Kathleen Sebellius and EPA’s Lisa Jackson team up today to propagandize about the alleged health benefits of EPA overregulation.

In a USA Today op-ed, Sebellius and Jackson say:

… today, one in every 12 Americans — and one in 10 children — suffers from asthma, which is worsened by air pollution.

But we are still waiting for EPA to provide us evidence of even one child whose respiratory health has been even slightly impacted by ambient air quality.

Additionally, as we recently pointed out, there is no evidence that children are “more vulnerable” to air pollution.

2 thoughts on “Name that asthmatic”

  1. I second that statement, in California I grew up with childhood asthma in SoCal in the 50’s when I could see the brown air everyday, but only pollen’s and dust caused me any problems.

  2. I developed asthma after moving from California to Oregon. My doctors call it “allergy-induced asthma,” and it does indeed seem to flare up after a spike in pollens or molds. Here in Oregon, it seems something is always coming into flower, making pollen a year-round phenomenon. The Willamette Valley is famous for indigenous molds, too. Maybe the EPA should go after trees and flowers next, and then all this moisture….

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