Dems renew call for BPA ban

Dianne Feinstein and Ed Markey side with botulism.

About the new study which does not link BPA with behvaioral problems in girls, Sen. Feinstein (D-Calif.) said:

It astounds me that some continue to put chemicals ahead of healthy babies,” Feinstein told E&E Daily. “We should not continue to act as guinea pigs for chemical companies. It is time to ban BPA.

According to Environment and Energy News, Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said:

Pregnant mothers should not have to worry whether they’re eating food contaminated by BPA-containing cans that could poison an unborn child. It is clear that BPA poses serious health risks, and it is time for Congress to act quickly to ban this toxin from all food and beverage containers.”

But unlike with BPA, there is no safe exposure to botulism, which BPA helps protect against.

One thought on “Dems renew call for BPA ban”

  1. Good ole BPA, the one that got me started into learning science. I think here it is okay for me to say that the ones that want this banned are idiots.

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