Delingpole: Global warming is real

“The planet has been warming,” says a new study of temperature records, conducted by Berkeley professor Richard Muller. I wonder what he’ll be telling us next: that night follows day? That water is wet? That great white sharks have nasty pointy teeth? That sheep go “baaaa”? (James Delingpole, The Telegraph)

5 thoughts on “Delingpole: Global warming is real”

  1. When I woke up this AM the temp. was around 49 degrees F. It is now 60 deg. F. Therefore, I have concluded, that because the temperature increased by 11 degrees today global warming has been proven. Who needs science when you have a thermometer.

  2. Well, most sceptics don’t disagree with the idea that the world has been warming. Only Deniers like me are that rude. Sceptics generally take the position that the temperature record is poor, GIGO, and that there is very poor attribution of what is causing the warming.

    Dr. Muller made a big deal about doing Science and insuring the error bars would be carried through so we would have a good idea of the uncertainties of at least the temp record and we now see that he has released his papers without PEER REVIEW through Press Release and there is nary an error bar in sight in the releases!!!

    Dr. Muller also is using the sam NCDC data as the rest of the ground temp series. In so doing he has discovered that the Urban Heat Island effect in rural areas is slightly higher than the UHI in Urban areas. What this means is that there are NO temp records that haven’t been compromised by human waste heat. As the total waste heat generated is miniscule compared to the total earth biosphere this only affects the temperature record and in no way shows any warming. This is part of the GIGO i mentioned above.

    In the other temp series the temp increase is over 50% due to the adjustments alledgedly due to problems in observations, equipment, moves… In Dr. Muller’s series he apprently used similar adjustments with NO studies to verify their applicability to all the stations they are applied to. This is an unknown that makes his claim to better certainty a joke. There was also no attempt to survey ANY of the stations to determine if they have any long term biases or are even calibrated correctly… Again, GIGO.

    Taking such a poor record, applying a few improved statistical methods that do not address the real problems, and then claiming he has verified the temp increase would seem to put him directly into the gang of self promoting charlatans promoting their businesses that will profit from Alarmism.

  3. Of course the Earth is warming. Ever since the litle ice age.! And this is good. CO2 is increasing also, and this is good, too..,!
    We need more CO2 in the atoms…! Some say 1000ppm might be ideal.
    Professor Muhler could help this to happen if he would find ways to get rid of the UN’s IPCC, through the Congress, perhaps.
    Let’s get the program going…!

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