'Clean-tech' investor Khosla: What, me worry?

Investment in so-called “clean-tech” was down — before the Solyndra failure. But prominent clean-tech venture capitalist Vinod Khosla remains undaunted.

The Wall Street Journal reports that investment in clean tech was down 44% in the second quarter as compared with a year earlier ($1.1 vs $1.9 billion).

Sun Microsystem co-founder and biofuels investor Vinod Khosla has no plans to back off clean-tech, according to the WSJ:

Just because Solyndra failed doesn’t make it bad” for clean tech across the board, he said.

Right Vinod, clean-tech investment nosed-dived a full quarter before the Solyndra scandal exploded onto the front-page.

We’re sure your phone is ringing off the hook for the coming failure of cellulosic ethanol.

One thought on “'Clean-tech' investor Khosla: What, me worry?”

  1. Range Fuels was a Khosla venture on cellulosic ethanol in Georgia that went out of business this January. They had a $80 million DOA guarenteed loan. Heaven knows how much Georgia contributed to this company in desperate efforts to attract new business to the state.

    James Rust

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