Mitt Romney still doesn't get the EPA problem

Mitt Romney’s Plan to Turn Around the Economy” doesn’t even mention the EPA.

Although the EPA is one of the biggest impediments to U.S. economic recovery and growth, Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to get it. In the middle of his fact sheet, the EPA problem is merely alluded to under the “Regulatory Policy” heading:

… Other initiatives in a Romney Administration will include a new, cost-conscious approach to environmental regulation; an increased role for Congress in the approval of new regulations; and reforms to the legal liability system.

Please Mitt, tell us you think there’s more to the EPA problem than some vague shortcoming in the “cost-conscious” department. And why is the EPA dropped into the “other initiatives” category in the first place?

Sorry Mitt, but as written, your plan doesn’t cut it.

3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney still doesn't get the EPA problem”

  1. A zebra does not change its stripes. Romney is an ineffectual rhino. His lousy history of job creation in MA proves it.

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