Communists do something right: Lomborg defunded

Denmark’s new left-wing coalition government has reached a consensus about Bjorn Lomborg’s Copenhagen Consensus Center.

According to the Copenhagen Post:

The economist and climate change sceptic Bjørn Lomborg will lose the nine million kroner [about $1.6 million] he receives to run the Copenhagen Consensus Center under the new government.

“We will prioritise differently than the previous government has done,” Ida Auken from the Socialist People’s Party said, according to state broadcaster DR.

“We won’t be doing favours for our friends and running our fiscal policy according to ideological causes. We won’t be making special allowances for researchers,” she continued. “They will have to find their funding elsewhere.”

Don’t understand why we shed no tears for Lomborg? Check out “Bjorn Lomborg is Al Gore lite“.

Lomborg tried to walk in the middle of the road — i.e., manmade global warming is real but it’s a low priority (early Lomborg) or we should paint roads white (late Lomborg) — but got run over by a driver in the left lane.

5 thoughts on “Communists do something right: Lomborg defunded”

  1. See what happens when you’re walking on both sides of the barbed-wire fence? Something gets cut off if the fence is too high or your legs aren’t long enough.

    One Borg not assimilated.

  2. Despite his opinions on global warming – and let’s not forget the vilification he’s had from people like Mark Lynas, despite not being a “denier” – Lomborg’s “The Skeptical Environmentalist” was a pivotal book for a lot of people. For many of us it was a real eye-opener and opinion-changer par excellence…

  3. too bad, his other stuff was pretty reasonable. “The skeptical environmentalist” was an excellent book. I think he may come around once real data comes to light on climate. not the play station kind

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