5 thoughts on “Rogue EPA Targets Ozone — And Jobs”

  1. If we elect a “small” government President, the tide will turn January 20, 2013. I will predict John Boehner will no longer be a congressman after the next election. They do not get it. I am willing to compromise about spending every bit as much as the Democrats compromised on Obama care.
    I know it is radical, but if you want to get re-elected then listen to the people who vote for you. How hard can this be.

  2. How do you roll back damaging regulations? You start with the idea that regulation is in itself irrational – illogical. It’s purpose is to bypass the mind which means to bypass you, a human being. Regulations do not work because their premise is that man can be dealt with as a machine. What works is for a man to understand how something works so that he can use it to forward his life. Apply this principle to any aspect of your life – including other people – and you will find things take care of themselves.

  3. The EPA simply uses their interpretation of the Clean Air Act to justify it. No problem. See what they did with the Tailoring Rule for greenhouse gasses. This is the group that tells me I need to change the spark plugs in my diesel engines every 1440 hours, so what’s a little reality?

    If I write my Senators about the runaway EPA usurping the authority of the legislative branch and doing real damage to the economy, I get stern lectures on environmental purity. There will be no changes until enough Senators like Webb and Warner are replaced.

    The problem is how do you roll back and undo these crazy, damaging regulations?

  4. I am waiting for the EPA to post a reference to the law, passed by Congress and signed by any President that require their new regulations?

    If there is no law please, will someone explain why the EPA would propose such regulations?

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