Inhofe endorses Perry

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Denial) — and we say that with great respect — told the Tulsa World that he plans to endorse Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president.

Inhofe said he,

… likes Mitt Romney, but he’s a little mushy on environmental issues… [and] Newt Gingrich, I always have this vision of him sitting on the couch holding hands with Nancy Pelosi… [but that he has no reservations about Perry.]

Inhofe said he also thinks Perry has the best chance of any Republican to defeat Democratic incumbent Barack Obama.

3 thoughts on “Inhofe endorses Perry”

  1. Bravo for Inhofe! Watch how the mainstream media reacts to this and their responses to Perry’s statement about skeptic scientists and you will see what they fear the most, namely the public discovering such skeptics could really be whistleblowers on the IPCC and Al Gore. It seems that Perry’s rival Jon Huntsman begs for a confrontation on this. Please see my RedState article for more on why that won’t work well for Huntsman and our AGW friends: “Huntsman vs. Perry on Global Warming: Recipe for Epic Huntsman/Gore Disaster”

  2. I agree, but would add, Daffy Duck could win the next election for president. Jimmy Carter looks like a real leader in comparison. My only objection to Gov. Perry is he is a big government politician. ABBO!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is big news. Senator Inhofe has done the most of any member of Congress to stop climate alarmists from ruining this country over their claims carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels causes catastrophic global warming. He will be in a position to give good advice to Governor Perry.

    This is an endorsement worthy of the highest regard.
    James H. Rust, Professor

    By the way, I thought he was from Oklahoma!

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