IBD: Perry vs. Gore

Editorial, Investor’s Business Daily
August 30, 2011

Junk Science: The governor of a state under assault by the EPA takes on the patron saint of climate change over whether “warmers” or “deniers” benefit financially from the debate. Meanwhile, the nation loses.

Is Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry a racist? According to the increasingly bombastic Al “expletive deleted” Gore, who was interviewed by Climate Reality Project collaborator Alex Bogusky on Ustream last Friday, Perry’s global warming skepticism qualifies him as one.

Gore related how his “generation watched Bull Connor turning the hose on civil rights demonstrators” and that it was when racists could not answer the question of why blacks were inferior “with integrity” that “the change really started.”

We shall overcome climate skeptics as well, he believes. “We have to win the conversation on climate,” Gore said, just as the conversation on race was won.

After Gore equated climate change skepticism with racism, Bogusky prompted Gore: “Gov. Perry suggests that scientists have gotten together to foil the American public, or the global public.” In fact, what Perry told an audience in New Hampshire was that our climate has been “changing ever since the earth was formed” due to largely natural forces and that “there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects.”

Perry was Gore’s Texas campaign manager in 1988, a fact that many purists say should disqualify him for the GOP nomination. Back then, Perry was a Democrat and Gore was a relatively conservative Democrat who had not yet invented the Internet or beheld an Earth hanging in the balance.

Perry has seen the error of his ways. Gore has not.

“This is an organized effort to attack the reputation of the scientific community as a whole, to attack their integrity, and to slander them with a lie that they are making up the science in order to make money,” Gore said in the online interview. Of course, Gore hasn’t shied away from accusing skeptics of being financed by coal and oil companies.

We and others have documented the manipulated and edited data used by Britain’s Climate Research Unit to “hide the decline” in global temperature, and fraudulent assessments by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change with conclusions based on single-source anecdotes from obscure journals. They all have been well-funded.

No one has made more money from climate change hype than Gore. According to the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper, just one of the “green” companies in which Gore has invested has received over half a billion dollars in subsidies from the Energy Department.

Financial disclosure documents released before the 2000 election put the Gore family’s net worth at $1 million to $2 million. A mere decade later, estimates are that he is worth $100 million. He’s been touted in the press as one day becoming the first “carbon billionaire.”

According to the Science & Public Policy Institute, the U.S. government has spent over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to climate change, including science and technology research, administration, education campaigns, foreign aid and tax breaks.

Compare that with, say, Exxon-Mobil Corp., which is repeatedly attacked for paying a grand total of $23 million to skeptics.

According to the World Bank, the value of carbon trading doubled from $63 billion in 2007 to $126 billion in 2008. Big money has been and can be made by conning governments into formulating policies based on fraudulently hyped climate hysteria.

Monday’s endorsement of Perry by Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., should come as no surprise. Inhofe recognizes that what Perry calls “anti-carbon programs” are scams based on fraudulent science and that Perry is right.

While many like Gore have profited handsomely, these policies cost the nation dearly in terms of jobs and economic growth.

This deserves to be an issue in 2012.

9 thoughts on “IBD: Perry vs. Gore”

  1. The Climate Scientists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been tossed a curve ball by the sunspot/cosmic
    ray effect on cloud cover and global temperatures. Sadly, they have dropped the ball and as a result have to continually look for excuses to explain the failure of their models. When both CO2 and sunspot activity were rising, the IPCC scientists had to introduce a fictitious magnification (2 1/2 times) of CO2 effects due to water vapor. This was needed to account for sunspot/cosmic ray effects. When sunspot activity started decreasing, this subterfuge was no longer applicable and the IPCC models started forecasting global temperatures that have become increasingly erroneous. My own study last year showed that sunspot/cosmic ray activity is the major cause of global warming with CO2 and the other greenhouse gases being minor contributors. The equation that I developed for computing global temperatures from
    successive 11-yr. peak sunspot numbers and initial global temperature
    forecasts no change in global temperatures from 1998 through 2013
    using an estimated peak sunspot of 59 in 2013. This has been verified
    through 2010. Using the peak sunspot number of 59 in 2020 gives a temperature 0.1 ℃ less than that in 2010. The minor effect of CO2
    may increase the 2020 temperature slightly. Although this computed temperature could be somewhat different, I’m confident it will be close to the actual.

  2. I believe that Al Gore is just another greedy, Lying Democrat thats
    gaming the system for his own selfish weath. His so transparient!!

    Boasting his expertize on gobal warming, yet didnt even know the
    core temp of our Planet!
    He Also wants to be the Carbon King of the World!

  3. I second. Perhaps Gore’s early career is open for criticism, but punishing a child for the sins of the father is pure ad hominem. Should you wish to insult Gore, there is plenty to be legitimately had in his outright hypocrisy (which is evidence that he doesn’t believe what he is saying and therefore open in a debate), so you you have no excuse for this kind of attack.

  4. As far as the 2000 election that Algore lost it wasn’t because of FL.
    Algore couldn’t even carry his own state of TN.
    I suppose his own people should know best.
    Had he won there FL would have been unnecessary.

  5. Doug,
    Leave Al Gore’s dad out of this. I don’t care what he did, nor should you. Al junior should be judged by what he has said and done. On that basis alone he fails; no need to stoop to his level.

  6. Al Gore should know something about racism, seeing that his father, Al Gore Sr. was one. He opposed the Civil Rights Bill in 1964 by voting “Nay” to end the fillibuster by Southern Democrats. Al just keeps the myth alive that the conservatives are racisists and anti-science.

    The lower economic population will suffer the most if the EPA’s regulations take affect on the coal utility companies. The cost of electricity will rise dramatically as many coal-fed power stations close. This is the goal of the Obama madness that must be stopped.
    Let true science prevail!

  7. We know what kind of a man Al Gore is. When he thought he could win a presidency by cherry picking a vote coungt in Florida, he tried to do so. The Supreme Court stopped him. For all time the character of the man was shown clearly by his effort to game a national election solely for his personal benefit. The self serving twaddle that comes from his mouth about global warming is more proof of the kind of man he really is.

    As to racism, most of the damage caused by the imposition of cap and trade will be experienced by brown skinned people as a result of higher priced food and fuel and eventually shelter and all so this crap artist can make a buck. Mr. Bore has no shame. Chakra Boy boy needs to stop trying to do to us what he tried to do to that masseuse in his hotel room. bill

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