Conn Carroll: Flood of new EPA rules could drown economic growth

“Seven proposed rules pending before the agency are poised to inflict more than $125 billion in costs on the U.S. economy annually, according to EPA’s own estimates… [and] all of the EPA’s claimed health benefits from CAA regulations are, at best, bureaucratic guesses,” says Washington Examiner senior editorial writer Conn Carroll. Read Carroll’s commentary.

2 thoughts on “Conn Carroll: Flood of new EPA rules could drown economic growth”

  1. The EPA will continue to promulgate its draconian ‘rules’,
    the American economy will respond by decelerating even further,
    the Chinese economy (unresponsive to EPA’s dictates) will continue to grow like bermuda grass in a warm and wet climate,
    the atmospheric CO2 levels will continue to increase,
    and the world will stubbornly refuse to allow do as ‘predicted’ by the warmists.

    By the time the western world figures out it has been ‘had’, we will all be learning Kanji. It will be an interesting couple of decades to come.

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