New York's solar workfare

Turning on a light switch in New York may soon do more than simply turning on a light — it may also turn on the workfare spigot to utility employees.

As reported in Climatewire, New York state legislators this week will consider the “New York Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act of 2011,” a bill that aims to expand the amount of solar generation in the state by a hundredfold over the next 14 years. Supporters claim the bill will lead to the creation of between 20,000 and 40,000 new jobs in a state struggling with high unemployment.”

But local utilities say the program will cost (or redistribute from) ratepayers $29 billion, which works out to about $725,000 to $1.45 million per (non-productive) job.

3 thoughts on “New York's solar workfare”

  1. Bars and utility companies are the only businesses that have to be ashamed of their best cusomers.

  2. Couldn’t we save money by skipping the solar and wind farms, and just letting the politicians give the money away to the friends that will get it anyway? Too cynical?

  3. Hi Steve,

    I wanted to add a comment that this bill, the “New York Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act of 2011,” appears to be but another “Work Farce”!!!



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