Minnesota Congressman urges Gore to lie to poor people

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison is urging Al Gore exploit poor, asthmatic children.

In the wake of Gore’s criticism of Obama on climate, Environment and Energy Daily reports:

“Instead of beating up on the president, what Gore needs to do is organize environmentalists,” Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said…

“I haven’t seen any Inconvenient Truth 2s coming out,” the Minnesotan added, nudging Gore to use the credibility he commands among green-minded voters to emphasize the public-health upside of emissions cuts. “If Gore started going into low-income communities talking about asthma, he’d get crowds … will he do it or just write op-eds about who’s doing what?” [Emphasis added]

But no sort of air emissions in America (neither greenhouse gases nor conventional “pollutants”) are known to cause or exacerbate asthma. To the extent asthma is more of a problem among low-income families, the cause/trigger is very likely to be indoor exposure to allergens (cockroach feces, pet dander etc.). Ambient air quality in America has nothing to do with asthma.

These children need medical treatment not junk science-based propaganda.

5 thoughts on “Minnesota Congressman urges Gore to lie to poor people”

  1. Minnesota is kind of divided in between liberal scum and the conservatives. There are more people with guns than all the fatboy lazy liberals who cant fight thereslves out of a wet paper bag.

  2. Ellison’s the converted mooslime from The Peoples Republic of Minnesota. He’s a proven liar at many levels, not just this green scam.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the people up here. They vote in that clown then to top it off when another of their clown acts dies, they vote in Al “Diaper Boy” Franken. Well, actually Franken’s folks, the DFL (Dumb Flaming Liberals) stole the election with 700 magic votes. Add to that they have dragged every sort of unAmerican cat and dog in here like the Somalis and this place is on it’s way to the garbage heap of lost dreams. [remember, Minnesota was the ONLY state not to carry for Reagan’s reelection, tells ya all you need to know]

  3. Al Gore’s not going to exit his bunker to talk to those poor people. He’s flying to a TED conference in NYC, a Google board meeting in Mountain View, a “green business” talk in Tokyo, and a TERI presentation in Mumbai.

    What, do you think he’s politician or something? Wrong! He’s saving the planet!

  4. A proponent of Dr. Gore’s Medicine Show. There has always been a demand for miracle cures. Apparently, there always will be. A lot of snake oil gets sold.

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