Enviro activist as Commerce Secretary?

If you need more evidence that President Obama isn’t making a good faith effort at getting our economy going again, just consider John Bryson, Obama’s nominee to be Secretary of Commerce.

Bryson is a co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an dextreme enviro activist group, and his business experience consists of being a CEO of a regulated utility with a captive customer base. Bryson is an advocate of solar power and electric cars — neither of which will be jump-starting the U.S. economy anytime soon.

Probably the only thing that the Commerce Department or rest of the federal government could actually do to help the economy is to get out of the way. But we doubt that will be happening.

4 thoughts on “Enviro activist as Commerce Secretary?”

  1. Terry: You are right on. I am 73 and I have the same background as you. I am trying to educate my naive youngers, and with some success. I have already convinced one family (read voters) to vote republican this next election and I helped them register (they had no clue). We all need to do that! Our children are losing the true meaning of their power. We must educate them! They do not get it in school.

  2. Heinlein is my favorite author. Great quote. I have stated many times that the global warming issue isnot and never has been about saving the planet it is about controlling people.

    If I control how much energy you have, at what cost and when you can use it then I can control you.

  3. I’m 75. I knew, basically, what to expect from this communist the first few times I heard him speak. Especially after his talk with Larry the plumber. And it’s worse than I thought, and we keep getting evidence of the extent of his deliberate destruction of our country every day. And irresponsible people keep making excuses for him and the rest of his thugs. And yes, I said communist. I don’t know where anyone else went to school, but in my civics class, what Obama is doing was called communism. The only thing missing, is the application of more force – you know, like Berlin, 1938. People better get off their butts from in front of their 500 channel TV’s and do more reading about what’s really happening to their country; or there won’t be any freedom left.

  4. “The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. ” – Robert A. Heinlein
    Those who have no desire to control people never end up in government.
    Every government official carries the seeds of a potential tyrant.

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