Climatewire: Unfair trade press (Part 2)

So I received the following e-mail from Climatewire deputy editor Lisa Friedman in response to my e-mail to editor John Fialka:

Hi, Steve,

Thanks for your note.

I think any objective reading of Evan’s story today would find that it is an entirely balanced piece that both raises questions about Greenpeace’s findings and gives Mr. Soon’s scientific positions a strong platform for discussion and debate. Moreover, we have written extensively in the past about the criticisms that some scientists and conservative groups have raised, and ClimateWire consistently makes a concerted effort to present a range of views on both science and policy. In fact, we have a major profile of Richard S. Lindzen coming out next week that I think you’ll enjoy.

This is the first I’m hearing about your lawsuit, Evan would be happy to speak with you about it. Why don’t you contact him directly (cc:ed above).

In the future, please know that instead of lobbing an accusatory and antagonistic email you are always welcome to call me or anyone on the E&E staff to have a conversation about your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.



Here’s my response:

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your response.

Evan ought to contact Chris Horner for details on the lawsuit, which was announced last week on PR Newswire and reported by Fox News, The Hill and other media outlets.

I’ll take your word about not having heard of the lawsuit against NASA, but perhaps you can see where the omission makes me wonder whether Climatewire is wary of offending NASA by raising embarrassing questions about Hansen, wary of offending Hansen (a Climatewire source) and/or wary of harming the push for climate legislation/regulation.

If my e-mail seemed “accusatory and antagonistic,” that could have something to do with the fact that the “range of views” you claim Climatewire presents doesn’t typically extend to the likes of Willie Soon, though he and other so-called skeptics have done excellent work on climate-related issues for years.

Although Soon is a long-time and prominent player in the climate debate, Climatewire has never seen fit to mention or quote him before. Now it hides behind a Greenpeace report that tries to taint and/or embarrass him.

Thanks for throwing readers the Dick Lindzen profile bone. But of course it would be better to routinely includes the comments/views of the Lindzens and Soons of the world into Climatewire (and other E&& Publishing) articles — if for no other reason that their views played a central role in stopping climate legislation in the last Congress and propelling the current House to vote to roll back EPA’s authority over greenhouse gases.



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  1. Meanwhile, in Australia, the Fabian Fascist feral gummint presses on with the world’s first and most ferocious Great Big New Tax On Everything (“carbon”) with a view quite clearly to asserting totalitarian tyranny.

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