Chris Christie embraces energy central planning

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced a revised energy “master plan” for New Jersey that embraces natural gas, energy efficiency and economically failing renewable energy technologies (i.e., solar and wind), merely “considers” nuclear power, and shuns more coal, which currently produces 14% of the electricity used in the state. Did Christie miss the 20th century’s lessons about central planning? You can watch Christie’s press conference here.

One thought on “Chris Christie embraces energy central planning”

  1. NJ is a nuke state (53% in 2005 per USDOE). “Investing” heavily in heavily subsidized wind.

    Paraphrasing the Gov, his solution is NG, CFLs and proper inflation of tires (efficiecency) and federal subsidies for wind. Juts like Obama except for the NG and the anti-fracking lobby will foreclose that avenue. Guess he and Romney (must reduce carbon based life activities) have decided that any other energy position is not politically convenient..

    Looks like they’re right when you’ve got Steve Hayward over at PowerLine acknowledging that there is only room for a “1-inch” deep debate and advising
    Romney to acknowledge that current warming is caused by man (to some unknowable extent) and it could be catastrophic although he doubts it. Hayward just used up his inch of the debate on these acknowledgments before getting into his material.

    Anyway, I’m not feeling good about the ability to resist alamism and central government (and UN and NGO) control of our economic activitiies, or to provide cheap abundant energy independent of the imagined fear / concern of the day.

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