Poll: Burlington, VT vs. Lockheed Martin

Cutting through the environmental crap in today’s New York Times report, “In a Green Town, Activists See Red Over Lockheed Martin“, it’s clear that:

  • The mayor of Burlington, VT wants jobs;
  • Lockheed Martin wants to make money; and
  • Local anti-military lefties oppose both of the above.

But the debate, at least as reported by the Times, is centered around around global warming. Read the article and take the poll below.

3 thoughts on “Poll: Burlington, VT vs. Lockheed Martin”

  1. I can’t think of many companies who owe more to people and the environment than Lockheed Martin. Why not let them redeem themselves to a small degree by doing something positive? Remember, their ‘blood money’ used to be our tax money. Let’s wash off the blood by getting some benefit from it.

  2. Yes, Burlington activists! As if Lockheed just got a conscience….don’t facilitate their attempts to change the public’s perception of their blood money.

  3. I’m mildly surprised the article had no mention of the University of Vermont a/k/a “Groovy UV”

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