Ross Gelbspan still not a Pulitzer winner

The 2011 Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday — and climate alarmist Ross Gelbspan is again (still) not among them. broke the story of Gelbspan’s Pulitzer fraud in this 1997 posting.

On the jacket of his 1997 book “The Heat Is On,” Gelbspan described himself as a “Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.”

Nowadays on his blog he only claims,

“As special projects editor of the Globe, he conceived, directed and edited a series of articles that won a Pulitzer Prize in 1984.”

I wonder how much of even that is true.

7 thoughts on “Ross Gelbspan still not a Pulitzer winner”

  1. Here’s one experiment the warmists won’t try:

    Put some eggshell (calcium carbonate) into soda water. This water is loaded with far more CO2 than the oceans could ever accumulate and, therefore should be very acidic (according to warmists). That egg shell will never dissolve.

    Notably, warm water doesn’t hold CO2 easily, so how will the oceans ever become acidic if they warm, considering their PH ranges from 7.9 to 8.3 depending on where it’s measured. In any case, it’s alkaline. So what about your grand ocean acidity crisis now Jnan R. Saha?

  2. When I read comments from people who “know” that global warming is “real” after all that has come out I wonder at which Temple of the Church of the Warming Globe do they worship.

    Do I believe in global warming? Yes, and I believe in global cooling also. Why? Because we have more than enough historical data to show that the Earth has warmed and cooled often in its history. That record also shows huge swings in temperature, and mankind didn’t have a thing to do with. What about the disasters they are predicting for today? They didn’t occur then when the temperatures where substantially higher than the are predicting now. Why then should we believe they will occur now?

    As for Ocean acidification… that is just more horsepucky to push an agenda that will lead to global governance. If it isn’t CO2, it will be ocean acidification. If it isn’t that it will be some other high sounding complicated claim that will be as equally un-provable as all the other horsepucky they have spewed out.

    This issue is singular. Does mankind have the ability to control the weather in any way? The answer is no! So why should we believe that the minute amount of CO2 mankind puts into the atmosphere will alter the weather, especially since we know from that historical record the amount of CO2 has fluctuated dramatically over the eons. And data shows that the CO2 increases did not precede the warming periods, it followed them.

  3. Your ocean acidification theory sounds nice except when someone points out that all that phytoplankton that you are so worried about evolved when CO2 was in much higher concentrations in both the atmosphere and the oceans than today. So neither they nor the coral are in any real danger. Then when one examines all the dire predictions of doom and gloom as a result of mild increases in temperature, one finds they are all wild guesses and ridiculous extrapolations. It was David King, science consultant to the UK government, that said a few degrees of warming would make all places on the earth except Antarctica uninhabitable. I can assure you that it would take a lot more than a few degrees to make Antarctica even remotely habitable. In short, even assuming the planet will warm 3-5 degrees C, I don’t see it as a “dire problem”. But maybe you can point me to some study that is not some hysterical advocacy rant that proves me wrong.

  4. I think the idea is that Gelbspan wrote an influential book claiming credentials he simply didn’t have. Nor has he earned them since. It’s like that game played on Reddit where people announce Sean Hannity still hasn’t allowed himself to be water boarded even though he claimed it wasn’t anything terrifying.

  5. Global Warming is real alright. . . . Yup, it is EVERY SUMMER! in my neck of the woods . . . . and whatever you do . . . survey a pile of women in meno pause, then it’s burnin’ up!


  7. One person did not get a Pulitzer Prize does not mean Global Warming is not true. Global Warming is real alright. But these people including Al Gore are not presenting the problem right way. Global Warming is indirect cause of Ocean Acidification which is killing Phytoplanktons that absorb Carbon Dioxide and sequester Carbon for millions of years. Add exact amount of Iron in Coastal waters needed to bloom Phytoplanktons to absorb CO2 produced per day. Once you correct Ocean Acidity you can burn any amount of fossil fuels without any problem. There are enough hydrocarbons underground you can use for thousands or even millions of years. Once the Ocean Acidification is corrected, Scientists should work hard to tackle the other dire problems facing the Planet.

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